About Us

About Us

Our motto, "Dare to be gorgeous," isn't just a slogan; it's a commitment we make to each and every client. We believe in the transformative power of a great haircut and colour, and we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to embrace their beauty.

“I don’t believe in hierarchy, I have always believed in working as a team. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and work collaboratively: any stylist you encounter on our shop floor is a master at cutting and colouring, otherwise they wouldn’t be here.”!

Dare to be gordeous

Our Team

Specialising in a variety of colouring and cutting techniques, Claire takes pleasure in crafting personalised and unique sessions for each client. With 32 years of experience as a hairdresser, Claire has been an integral part of the Steele team since 2000. She thrives on collaboration with her work family, cherishing the daily laughter they share. Having recently completed the Wella Colour Master program, Claire is always on the lookout for the next educational opportunity to enhance her skills. Claire can’t wait to meet you, book online with her today to secure your slot!
With a total of 40 years of experience in the industry, Jane joined Steele in 2000. She adores the warm and friendly atmosphere and values the camaraderie with her colleagues. Specialising in artistic and creative cutting, she takes pleasure in working with diverse hair types and face shapes, creating looks that perfectly complement each client's image. Jane appreciates the unique blend of fun and serious passion for the job that defines their work environment. Fun fact : Jane holds a deep appreciation for Native American cultures and heritage. You can book your appointment with Jane online.
Sinead is a specialist in classic cutting and colouring, bringing her expertise to the team since July 2022. She finds joy in the salon atmosphere, where everyone feels like family. Outside of the salon, Sinead loves spending her spare time creating crafts. Book your appointment with Sinead online to experience her skills and enjoy a personalised touch to your classic cut and colour.
Lisa has a passion for classic cuts and colour, with a particular fondness for creating beautiful blonde highlights. She has been a valued member of the salon since July 2022. Lisa appreciates the friendly and warm atmosphere within the salon, where everyone gets along harmoniously. If you're looking to enhance your style, ring the Salon or visit Lisa in-store to book an appointment and experience her expertise firsthand.
Michelle is an expert in the artistry of colouring, with an impressive 26-year tenure at Steele Hairdressing. Immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of the salon, you'll easily spot her utilising vibrant and colourful foils to create unique and stunning looks. To experience the full extent of Michelle's talent and add a splash of creativity to your hair, we invite you to visit us in the salon or give us a call to book your appointment. Your journey to vibrant and personalised hair awaits with Michelle at the helm.
Lula specialises in balayage and short cuts, showcasing her passion for creativity. A valued member of the Steele team since 2019, Lula finds immense joy in the camaraderie of the team and the warm environment of the salon. A fun fact about Lula is that she is multilingual, speaking Latvian, Russian, and English. To benefit from her expertise visit Lula in the salon or give her a call to book your appointment.
Chris is especially skilled in the art of colouring and takes great satisfaction in making people feel amazing about themselves. His goal is to ensure clients leave with newfound confidence after each session. A part of the Steele team since July 2022, Chris appreciates the relaxed atmosphere in the salon. Outside of work, he enjoys swimming. To experience Chris's special flair firsthand, visit him in-store to book an appointment or give us a ring.
Emma specialises in colouring and creative cutting, with a particular flair for blondes. With a tenure at Steele since 2014, she cherishes the family-like atmosphere of the salon. Fun fact about Emma - when she’s not in Salon you will find her in dancer pose as she also teaches Yoga! And an extra fun fact, she loves disco balls! To experience her expertise and maybe even get the chance to ask her why disco balls are the greatest, visit Emma in the salon or give us a call to book your appointment.
Elaine brings over 40 years of hairdressing experience and a continued passion for her craft. Joining the salon in January 2020, she thrives on the creativity and camaraderie shared with her colleagues. Elaine specialises in Afro-Caribbean hair, boasting expertise in a variety of textures. Her commitment to her work and diverse skill set ensures a personalised and professional experience for every client. To benefit from Elaine's wealth of knowledge and skill, book your appointment and explore the world of creative hair care.
Brianna, a skilled hairstylist at Steele since 2021, specializes in creative and vibrant hair designs, excelling in both colorful transformations and intricate updos. Her passion for crafting unique looks is complemented by a love for the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at Steele. Beyond the salon, Brianna extends her dedication to leadership as a guide leader during her spare time. To revitalize your look with Brianna's expertise, simply book an appointment online.
Cantrelle is a valued member of the Steele team since 2021 - she especially enjoys a good blowdry and keratin treatment. What she cherishes most about working at Steele is the warm and relaxed atmosphere that permeates the salon, creating an inviting space for both clients and stylists. When she’s not working she loves a good shopping spree! You can book in with Cantrelle online today.